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Prioritising - How it can help to manage yourself better

Whether you are in the last stages of your degree or you have just started your first big job, chances are that multitasking and juggling multiple projects at a time is something you’ve been confronted with. It can get quite overwhelming and at times it feels as if you’ve just been flooded with a load of work, making it difficult to find the right starting point.
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Moving Abroad - These Are The Things You Should Consider

Emigrating is a dream for many people; a dream of moving to a bigger city, a different country and a new culture. But without a bit of planning ahead, this can become unnecessarily tricky. Moving abroad requires planning – and I went through it for you so you don’t have to. Here are some useful things to consider if you want to move and work in a different country.
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Happiness And You, How It Affects Everything

Translated from the Greek concept of eudaimonia, happiness, in philosophy, refers to the good life, rather than just the emotion of feeling happy. The concept of ‘being happy’ refers to a mental state of well-being, which then, in psychology, is being transferred into an emotion. It can range from basic contentment to overwhelming joy. Research on the subject has been conducted in various studies since the 1960s.

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