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I don't have a blog post for today.

This post was originally published on the 19th of January, 2021.


Iced vanilla latte to my right.

Coffee candle burning to my left (though it smells more like vanilla ice cream to me; proper dairy ice cream which you can only get from an ice cream parlour, creamy, rich, in a yellow-ish colour, speckled with brown dots).

Glasses on my nose, freshly cleaned lenses for a sharp vision.

The ideal writing setting.

But my brain has nothing to give.

I used to run a personal blog for about five years. I wrote about anything that came to my mind; about travel and life and books and my thoughts. There was always something to spill out on an empty canvas and paint a picture with colourful words.

But that was then and this is now; this blog is on a professional website, automatically deeming it less suitable for frilly outbursts or non-industry-related topics.

However, nine, ten months into a global pandemic and there is only so much I have to offer.

As I look into another grey day, wet and cold and dreary, I struggle to find the creativity to conjure up an idea, elaborate on it and shape it into something which I’m happy to share.

And so today, I don’t have a blog post.

Better luck next week.

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