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A rebrand for a family business.


In the summer of 2021, family-run real estate company Top Living Immobilien approached me. The team of five was working on an exciting rebranding project — which, of course, also included some brand new copy.

The idea

With more than 20 years of experience in the industry, Top Living Immobilien are an expert in their field. As the younger generation of the family-run business followed in their parents’ footsteps, it was time for a rebrand: Millenials in, Gen X out. The brief was to update the website copy to a more modern tone of voice, whilst still showcasing professionalism and know-how.

Let’s get it started

After an initial video call, Alisha from Top Living Immobilien sent me their notes on how they want to sound and how they want to come across. Some of the key elements were a friendly, approachable and easy-going tone of voice, as well as positioning the brand as the experts in their local area.

First up was some keyword research so that I knew which terms to implement within the copy. I then made my way through the site map, making sure that there was enough information on each page whilst being careful not to overload the visitor with too much written content.

After receiving some feedback, I made my way through a few tweaks and edits. In a second step, we added FAQs to each of the service pages as well as further amending some bits on other pages.

Together with the brand’s new visual identity, the website is a fresh take on an established company. We also extended our collaboration beyond this one-time project: I regularly work on posts for the website’s blog, educating visitors about industry-related topics as well as showing some ‘behind the scenes’ stuff from Top Living Immobilien.

“Lisa has been supporting us for over 2 years with her great work. She has written our entire website and writes informative blog articles for us on a regular basis. Lisa is very reliable and researches her topics very conscientiously. Due to her support, we were able to increase our Google ranking a lot and generate significantly more enquiries.”


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