Copywriting DE / Transcreation EN to DE / SEO

Via multilingual digital marketing and transcreation agency Adapt Worldwide, I create original copy in German as well as transcreating content from English into German, including marketing and promotional materials and social media posts. All content is search engine optimised.


Translation & Localisation EN to DE / SEO / Proofreading & Editing

I regularly work with global, award-winning digital marketing agency Croud to localise product descriptions, newsletters and blog posts from English into German for their international clients in the fashion industry. All content is search engine optimised. I also conduct keyword research for various brands to ensure that their products are targeted appropriately.


Localisation EN to DE

Dutch hiking organisation Hiking Below Sea Level approached me to do the entire website’s English to German localisation in order to attract German customers.

Please find the German website here.


Translation & Localisation DE to EN / Book translation

For German depression coach Arne Tempel, who is looking to extend his audience internationally, I translate newsletters, blog posts and his soon-to-be-published book from German into English.


Copywriting EN

The City Girl Network is a global network for women to encourage, support and empower each other. It currently comprises 13 cities and over 15k members. As of June 2019, I am the Manchester branch’s Travel Editor, contributing articles about international travel as well as pieces centred around Manchester.

Examples: Why every city girl should go travelling | Three places you shouldn’t miss in Andalusia


Copywriting DE / SEO

I work with well-established German translation and copywriting agency LinguaPoint to create original German copy for a client in the travel industry. The articles are 500 to 600 words each and include appropriate and natural-sounding keywords to ensure that they are optimised for search engines.


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