Useful websites for linguists

If you follow my social media pages (Facebook and Twitter), you may have seen that I have recently been a Featured Freelancer on ultimate-support-Facebook-group Freelance Heroes’ website. I mentioned a few tools and websites in there that I use every day for work and thought I would address them in a blog post, too!



In my opinion, Pons is the best dictionary to use. It features a lot of language pairs and offers good results. Not only does it translate the word for you, but it also mentions its usage in a few example phrases, which is so helpful.



Linguee is your point of call if you ever struggle with the translation of a phrase or idiom. If there is a straight-up translation, it will show at the top of the page. If not, it will translate the phrase in parts, but what it also does is show you a few examples in context. Even if you can’t find the translation you’re looking for straight away, the examples give you good ideas of how you could put the source text into your target language.



Do you ever proofread your text and it reads the same word about seven times in three consecutive sentences? We’ve all been there, and that’s when Thesaurus comes in. A library of synonyms and antonyms, it’s super useful if you’re ever lost for words. Plus, it always features interesting articles and you can sign up for a newsletter to receive the daily Word of the Day!

Which websites do you use for your work?