The items and apps that help me stay organised

Ah, organisation. Some can’t make enough lists to save their lives, some will always have several half-filled notebooks on the go, and some fall somewhere in the middle. I am definitely the latter. I love a good list, it helps me to focus better, categorise my tasks and the satisfaction of ticking something off is just so, so motivating. When it comes to note-taking and logging meetings and events, though, I am more of a digital person. Here is how I combine the two.

The diary on my phone
I have tried maintaining an analogue planner but when it comes to noting my appointments down, I am definitely a digital person. I find it a lot handier to just quickly pop them in my phone’s calendar rather than carrying a physical copy with me. I have my phone on me at all times, anyway, and can quickly double-check anything if I need to. It also includes useful add-ons such as notes, travel time and the option to set an alert for up to one week in advance.

A little notebook
For lists and notes, I like to take to pen and paper. Like every good writer, I have about five half-filled notebooks on the go at any given time and can never pass a stationery shop without picking up a pretty pen. Recently, I started taking a little A5 notebook with me wherever I go, and I find this really handy for meetings, appointments and events. Whilst I tried bullet journaling before, it’s just not something I can keep up with. I constantly change the way I note things down, and I found myself spending ages perfecting a weekly or monthly layout, only to bin it after a couple of days because I changed things up!

This is my favourite for grocery- and other shopping lists. Whilst I am aware that you can make lists in the Notes app, I prefer the layout and organisation of Wunderlist. Ticking off a task from a list also makes a really satisfying ‘ping’-sound, which underlines the smug satisfaction of being one step closer to working through it. I usually put my grocery lists in there, any other shopping I’ve got to do when I pop into town, and I might also have a list of potential puppy names for future reference. I am going to neither deny nor confirm that.

The ‘Sticky Notes’ function
Windows offers an app which pops one or more sticky notes on your desktop. I find this really useful to quickly jot notes down, store important information which I need constant reminding of, or even write a to do-list if I don’t have a notebook to hand. I don’t use it as often as the other three mentioned above, but it does add to my organisation and productivity.