Hello, I’m Lisa: German by passport, British at heart and Mancunian by choice.

I’ve spent a total of over four years living in English-speaking parts of the world, including Brisbane (Australia) and London (UK), and now call the North of England my home. Languages have always been fascinating to me, so after a degree in English and German Linguistics and Literature, working as a tutor at my university and then as an Executive Assistant in London, I started my own business in which I can nerd out about language for a living – it’s a win/win situation for everyone involved!

As a self-confessed grammar nerd, Shakespeare enthusiast and bookworm, I am always learning, improving and expanding my knowledge and horizon of all things language. Outside of being a one-woman-band, I like to travel and explore, visit artisan markets, try my hand at learning Icelandic, and will stop in my tracks for any dog I spot on the streets.